SAPT seminar: TT19: Week 5: Shari‘ah Courts and the Many Rooms of Justice: Reflections on Religion, Law and Adjudication in Contemporary India

Conveners: Sara Perlangeli and Pratinav Anil

Speaker: Professor Justin Jones

Contemporary India is host to a range of so-called dar-al-qaza’s: non-state shari‘ah councils, that adjudicate on Muslim family affairs in semi-autonomy from other legal institutions. Based on a range of documentary and ethnographic materials, this paper will explore the origination and development of a significant dar-al-qaza network in north India. It will situate these shari‘ah councils within an world of legal pluralism in which multiple state and non-state legal bodies share adjudication; and it will offer reflections especially on how and when non-state legal bodies find themselves intersecting with the legal machinery of the Indian state.


About the speaker


Prof Justin Jones is Associate Professor in Study of Religion, Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford.


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