Poetry Reading with Shahida Dilawar Shah

Convener: Imre Bangha

Speaker: Shahida Dilawar Shah


خوابوں سا کوئی خواب بنانے میں لگی ہوں

اک دشت میں ہوں اور پیاس بجھانے میں لگی ہوں

Dr Shah (Shahida Dilawar Shah شاہدہ دلاور شاہ کی باتیں۔۔۔ علی شاہ (urdusukhan.com)) is an Urdu poet, novelist, critic, researcher and columnist on education with several books to her credit. She has been publishing articles in Pakistani and international magazines and she writes on the literary column of the Daily "Jang". She will join us for reading and translating her poetry on Thursday 29 April at 1pm on Teams. The session is particularly aimed at learners of Urdu. If you would like to attend, please contact imre.bangha@orinst.ox.ac.uk.