OICSD Event: Diluting Green Protection: Environmental Politics in India during COVID-19

Speakers: Kanchi Kohli and Nitin Sethi

The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development invites you to attend its summer webinar titled ‘Environmental Politics in India during COVID-19’ on Thursday, July 30, at 2 pm (BST)/6:30 pm (IST). The lockdown in India has given rise to popular narratives of 'nature healing itself' and 'reclaiming' space. But at the same time, the Indian environment ministry has proposed a new set of green protection rules that is said to considerably ease the process for major industrial projects to be set up. The accomplished speakers, Kanchi Kohli, senior researcher at the Centre for Policy Research, and Nitin Sethi, journalist and researcher at The Reporter’s Collective, will discuss recent developments in India's domestic environmental policy during the pandemic - including the dilution of environmental protection rules and its implications for vulnerable populations. Independent environmental journalist Aruna Chandrasekhar will moderate the session.


Please use the link below to sign up for the event. You will also receive a reminder email with a link 10 minutes before the event begins. https://www.crowdcast.io/e/Environmental-Policies-In-India