Modern South Asian Studies seminar HT21 Wk 3: A Contrapuntal History of Hindustan

Conveners: Imre Bangha, Polly O'Hanlon, and Kate Sullivan de Estrada

Speaker: Manan Ahmed (Columbia)


I present a short overview of my recent book, I closely examine the most complete idea of Hindustan, elaborated by the early seventeenth century Deccan historian Firishta, in his Tarikh. The talk will cover the methodological argument of the book.  I will focus on the ways in which Firishta’s philosophy of history shapes the ways in which he reads the past.


Manan Ahmed, Associate Professor, is a historian of South Asia and the littoral western Indian Ocean world during the medieval and early modern periods. His areas of specialization include intellectual history; critical philosophy of history, colonial and anti-colonial thought. He is interested in how modern and pre-modern historical narratives create understandings of places, communities, and intellectual genealogies for their readers. He is the author of A Book of Conquest: The Chachnama and Muslim Origins in South Asia (Harvard University Press, 2016) and  The Loss of Hindustan | The Invention of India (Harvard University Press, 2020).

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