Modern South Asian Studies Seminar: HT20: Week 1: Capitalism in the Himalaya

Conveners: Imre Bangha, Nayanika Mathur, Matthew McCartney, Polly O’Hanlon, Kate Sullivan de Estrada, and David Washbrook

Speaker: Barbara Harriss-White

Barbara Harriss-White drove from Cambridge to New Delhi in 1969 and has studied and taught about India ever since, working in the cracks between political economy and economic anthropology. She (co)published 40 books and research reports, 265 papers and chapters and over 100 working papers; advised 7 UN agencies; and supervised 40 doctoral students. Her research fields are agrarian and rural transformations, the food economy, the waste economy; India’s informal and criminal capitalism; several aspects of deprivation; aspects of policy in these fields and the long-term study of a market town. She is Emeritus Professor of Development Studies, Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College, and CSASP Research Associate, Oxford University.