Doing Fieldwork Series: Plan vs. Reality

- Professor Rachel Murphy

- Dr. Evelyn Chan

- Dr. Ankita Pandey 


Fieldwork is an essential part of the kind of research we do in Area Studies. Yet, there are few opportunities for the academic community to exchange on the many issues that involve “going to the field”.

This series is conceived as an open, inclusive and supportive space to enable OSGA researchers at different stages of their journey as fieldworkers to share and exchange ideas on before, during and after “the field”.


Back in March we had our inaugural session and during Trinity we will be hosting three more meetings (on May 5, May 12 and May 19) on different issues related to fieldworking. Concept note, timeline and further details enclosed.

For each session, we will have people from our OSGA community (academic staff and students alike) briefly sharing their own experience, challenges and learnings, followed by open discussions among those in the room.


Participation is open to all. Looking forward to seeing you there.



Laura Trajber Waisbich, SSD Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Thiruni Kelegama, DL in South Asian Studies