Book Launch: The Three Regularities in Development: Growth, Jobs and Macro Policy in Developing Countries

Convener: Muhammad Ali Jan

Speaker: Professor Moazam Mahmood

Professor Moazam Mahmood is former Director of the Research Department at the International Labour Organisation (ILO). He is now Professor in Economics at the Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan, and Visiting Professor at the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, China. He also acts as a Member of the Commission on Africa, Chaired by Professor Joseph Stiglitz at Columbia University, USA.

The aim of his new book is to bring back a balance to the development debate by re-focusing on the structural development challenges faced by developing countries. The book develops a coherent analytical framework supported by a large body of new empirical evidence linking three core dimensions – the structure of growth, employment, and their macro drivers. Then, for each of these dimensions and relationships a variety of effective policies are also identified and elucidated with the added granularity of country cases.

Organised by the South Asia Research Cluster at Wolfson College.

All are welcome!