A discussion on solidarities between UCU strike and South Asian student movements

Conveners: Nayanika Mathur (CSASP), Sneha Krishnan (Geography), and Nikita Sud (ODID)

This teach out will discuss contemporary and historical student movements and protests in South Asia with an eye to tracing out connections to the broader global processes that link them to the on-going UCU struggles in the UK


Sana Moyeen: constrained student politics in the shadow of authoritarianism in Bangladesh

Aisha Ahmad: the ban on students unions in Pakistan, and a collective challenge from Lahore

Supriya Chaudhuri: Jadavpur University and West Bengal in times of crisis

Sneha Krishnan: young women organise in college contexts in India

Shamara Wettimuny: students' movements and ethnic politics in Sri Lanka

Nikita Sud: University politics as a precursor to the BJP's rise in Gujarat, India


Nayanika Mathur (Chair)