Dalel Benbabaali Publications

Dalel Benbabaali Publications



  • Single-authored: New forms of caste dominance. The Kammas of Andhra Pradesh (India), Oxford University Press, New Delhi (in preparation)
  • Co-authored: Ground Down by Growth: Tribe, Caste and Inequality in Twenty-First Century India, Pluto Press, London and Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2018


Selected articles


Book reviews

  • 2018. History, memory and struggles. A study of the Gonds of Deccan India, Economic and Political Weekly, vol.53, no 29, 22-23.
  • 2014. Review of Gupta A., 2012, Red Tape. Bureaucracy, Structural Violence and Poverty in India. Durham and London, Duke University Press, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, vol. 27, p. 129-133 (http://wp.me/p34k0f-f6)
  • 2012. Review of Berti D., Tarabout G. (eds), 2009, Territory, soil and society in South Asia. Delhi, Manohar, Contributions to Indian Sociology, 46 (1), p. 239-241


Invited lecture