SAPT Event MT18 Wk 4: Change of venue and time

There has been a change to the time and venue of this week's South Asian Political Thought (SAPT) Discussion Group event which features Sagnik Dutta (Cambridge) speaking on 'Justice as Righteous Duty: Notes from an Islamic Feminist Movement in Contemporary India'.

Please note that this event will now take place on Wednesday 31 October 2:00pm-3:30pm (not 5:00-6:30pm) in the Dahrendorf Room at St Antony's College (not the Habbukak Room at Jesus College).

These changes mean that people will be able to attend both the SAPT event and the public lecture given by Professor Gyan Prakash (Princeton), which starts at 4.00pm in the Nissan Lecture Theatre (also located in St Antony's).

There is no SAPT discussion group event in Week 5 but the series will return to its regular time of 5.00pm and venue at Jesus College for the final three weeks of term.