OICSD Newsletter published

The second edition of the OICSD newsletter has just been published by the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development at Somerville College.


This edition reflects some of the exciting work that has gone on at the centre this year - from climate change research, to tackling malnutrition through the Nourishing Schools initiative, to healthcare innovation by using new technology to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Panel events have included ministers from the UK government and the Indian High Commission speaking on irrigation and farming; Professor Rahul Sharma on deep sea mining; and Professor Simon Lewis on climate change. OCISD scholars have worked with coastal communities and blogged about how the legalisation of same-sex relations in India has opened new intersectional interpretations of protections in the constitution.


You can also read about the successes of OCISD scholars in this fascinating report by Asmi Khushi examining the impact the OICSD has had on its alumni and other Somerville students and, through them, the wider world.


The Choir of Somerville College will be touring India next week as the first choir from Oxford University ever to visit the country. Travelling with them, will be Dr Radhika Khosla, OCISD's Research Director, and Somerville College’s Principal, Jan Royall, Development Director, Sara Kalim and senior Law Advisor, Debottam Bose. The tour will include lectures and concerts to help raise the profile of the Centre’s work and of the College. The group will also meet friends and alumni to strengthen ties within India. You can follow the progress of the tour on the India Centre’s social media channels.


The group will also be advertising next year’s scholarships during the trip to help attract the brightest and best minds for the Centre and the College. The scholarships are open for applications for the 2019-2020 academic year and you are encouraged to promote these funded opportunities to any exceptional prospective students.


We hope you will enjoy finding out more about the work of the OICSD this term.