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From Governor Generals to Freedom Fighters to Rhodes Scholars and everything in between Oxford University has a rich history of engaging with South Asia, with South Asianists and South Asians.

In 2008 Oxford created the multi-disciplinary MSc in Contemporary India. It was the first such degree in the world and now offers India-focused courses in Anthropology, Political Economy, Human Development, International Relations, Anthropology, Politics and Research Methods.  

South Asian Studies more broadly hosts a number of distinguished research projects, organises seminars, and provides a base for visiting scholars.


India and the Quest for World Order

Wednesday, 3 December, 2014 - 15:30 to 17:00
The Committee Room, Wolfson College

Against the backdrop of a growing awareness for “global power shifts” and their impact on the contemporary world order in the prevalent International Relations discourse, this paper re-conceptualizes the phenomenon that is subsumed under the label of “global power shifts” through the lenses of po

Thorsten Wojczewski, Doctoral Student and Research Fellow, German Institute of Global and Area Studies and Visiting Fellow, Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme