Professor Matthew McCartney Publications

Professor Matthew McCartney Publications

Forthcoming books

  • McCartney, M (****), The Dragon from the Mountains: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) from Kashgar to Gwadar (manuscript in preparation)



  • Chatterjee, E and M.McCartney (Eds) (2019), Revisiting the Political Economy of Development in India, New Delhi, Oxford University Press.

  • McCartney, M (2019), The Indian Economy, 1947-2017, London, Agenda.

  • McCartney, M and A.Zaidi (Eds) (2019), New Perspectives on Pakistan's Political Economy: State, Class and Social Change, New Delhi, Cambridge University Press

    McCartney, M (2015), ‘Economic Growth and Development: A Comparative Introduction’, London, Palgrave MacMillan,

  • McCartney, M (2011), ‘Pakistan – The Political Economy of Growth, Stagnation and the State – 1951 – 2008’, London, Routledge.
  • McCartney, M (2010), Political Economy, Growth and Liberalisation in India, 1991-2008, London, Routledge.
  • McCartney, M (2009), ‘India - The Political Economy of Growth, Stagnation and the State – 1951-2007’, London, Routledge.


Book Chapters

  • McCartney, M (2018), ‘Included the Excluded: Inclusive Economic Growth after 2004’, in A.D’Costa (Eds) ‘Changing Contexts and Shifting Roles: New Perspectives on the Indian State’, New York, Springer
  • McCartney, M (2015), ‘From Boom to Bust: Economic Growth and Security in Pakistan 2003-2013’, in S.Gregory (Eds), ‘Democratic Transition and Security in Pakistan’ London, Routledge.
  • McCartney, M (2013), ‘Going, Going, But Not Yet Quite Gone: The Political Economy of the Indian Intermediate Classes during the Era of Liberalisation’, in S.Bhattacharyya (Eds) (2013), ‘Two Decades of Market Reforms in India: Some Dissenting Views’ New Delhi, Anthem Press.
  • McCartney, M (2009), ‘South Asia 2009’ (Chapter on the Pakistani Economy). (Routledge).
  • McCartney, M (2005), ‘Neoliberalism and South Asia: The Case of a Narrowing Discourse’, in A.Saad-Filho and D.Johnson eds Neo-Liberalism: A Critical Reader (Pluto Press).
  • Four chapters in E.Fullbrook eds A Post Autistic Economics Reader (Anthem Press 2007).
    • 'Driving a Car with an Accelerator, no Steering Wheel and no Road Map: Neo-Classical Discourse and the Case of India'.
    • 'Liberalisation and Social Structure: The Case of Labour Intensive Export Growth in South Asia'.
    • ‘Game Theory a Refinement or an Alternative to Neo-classical Economics?’.
    • ‘Dynamic and Static Efficiency; The Case of Textile Exports from Bangladesh and the Developmental State’.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • McCartney, M (2018), ‘The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): Considering Contemporary Pakistan through Old-Fashioned Economics and Historical Case Studies’, Lahore Journal of Economics, 23:2, p19-48.
  • McCartney, M (2017), ‘Bangladesh 2000-2017: Sustainable Growth, Technology and the Irrelevance of Productivity’, The Lahore Journal of Economics, 22 : SE, p183-198
  • Kite, G and M.McCartney (2017), ‘Pro-business and pro-market reforms in Pakistan: economic growth and stagnation 1950–51 to 2011–12’, Journal of Asia Pacific Economy, 22:3, p454-476
  • McCartney, M (2016), ‘Costs, Capabilities, Conflict and Cash: The Problem of Technology and Sustainable Economic Growth in Pakistan’, The Lahore Journal of Economics, 21:SE, p65-98.
  • McCartney, M and I.Roy (2016), ‘A Consensus Unravels: NREGA and the Paradox of Rules-based Welfare in India’, European Journal of Development Research, 28:4, p588-604.
  • McCartney, M (2015), ‘From Problems to Policy: Sustaining Growth and Public Services after the Global Financial Crisis in India and Pakistan’, Stosunki Międzynarodowe - International Relations, 2:51, p107-136 (Polish Journal)
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  • McCartney, M (2012), ‘Competitiveness and Pakistan : A Dangerous, Distorting and Dead-End Obsession ?’, Lahore Journal of Economics’ 17:SE, p213-241.
  • McCartney, M (2011), ‘Pakistan, Growth, Dependency and Crisis, 1951-2009’, The Lahore Journal of Economics, 16:SE, p71-94.
  • McCartney, M (2009), ‘Episodes or Evolution: The Genesis of Liberalisation in India’, Journal of South Asian Development, 4:2, p203-228.


Book Reviews

  • McCartney, M (2019), ‘The Political Economy of India’s Growth Episodes – S.Kar and K.Sen’, Journal of South Asian Development
  • McCartney, M (2018), ‘Development after Statism: Industrial Firms and the Political Economy of South Asia – A.Naseemullah’, Perspectives on Politics
  • McCartney, M (2018), ‘India’s Long Road: The Search for Prosperity – Vijay Joshi’, South Asia ReviewMcCartney, M (2015), ‘Broken Promises of Globalisation: The Case of the Bangladesh Garment Industry – S.Rahman’, South Asia Review.
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  • McCartney, M (2013), ‘The Naxalites and their Ideology’ R.Ray’ South Asia Review
  • McCartney, M (2013), ‘A Review of Globalization and Economic Nationalism in Asia – ed A.O.D’Costa’, European Journal of Development Research.
  • McCartney, M (2010), ‘A Review of Accelerating Growth and Job Creation in South Asia – ed E.Ghani and S.Ahmed’, Journal of Asian Affairs.
  • McCartney, M (2008), ‘A Review of The Concise Oxford History of Indian Business – D.Tripathi and J.Jumani’,Journal of Asian Affairs.
  • McCartney, M (2008), ‘A Review of India’s Economic Transition: The Politics of Reforms – Edited Rahul Mukherji’, Journal of Development Studies.
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  • McCartney, M (2005), ‘A Review of Indian Economic Reforms – Edited by Raghdendra Jha’, Journal of Development Studies.