University of Warwick India Forum 2014


Sat, 22/02/2014 - 10:00
Woods-Scawen Room, Warwick Arts Centre

Building on the success of Warwick India Forum’s promotional events this year, from a comedy show with Anuvab Pal to a heated debate on the Kashmir issue, Warwick India Forum is proud to invite you to their flagship event this year, Warwick India Forum 2014: A Resurgence.

Warwick India Forum 2014: A Resurgence attempts to make sense of the dramatic changes the country has undergone in the last few years. With a stumbling economy, crucial elections and a number of major social movements sweeping the nation it is indeed an interesting and perhaps uncertain time for India. This forum will seek to address these changes and consider what they mean for the nation's future. Having weathered much in the past year, can India look forward to a resurgence in 2014? With new political parties, RBI governors and tense elections ahead, not to mention the collapse of Delhi’s AAP government, what does the future hold for the world’s largest democracy? An eclectic mix of fascinating, inspiring and prominent speakers will engage the University of Warwick on a discussion on India’s future. This year’s highly reputed speakers come to you from a variety of backgrounds and include Dr George Kunnath of CSASP.

For more information and a full speaker lineup, plesae visit the Forum Facebook event page and their website.

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