Super-exploitation and the climate crisis in Bangladesh


Wed, 05/03/2014 - 19:30
Plowman Room, Oxford Town Hall

Meeting with Badrul Alam


Bangladesh is one of the areas of the world most vulnerable to climate change, with sea levels rising faster than the global rate. Estimates suggest that up to 20 million Bangladeshis in low lying areas could lose their homes by 2050.

Badrul Alam, was elected President of Bangladesh Krishok Federation (BKF), the largest peasant federation in Bangladesh in 2004. He has served on the international leadership of La Via Campesina representing the BKF. He is also a leader of a political organisation in Bangladesh which has permanent observer status with the Fourth International.

The BKF are heavily involved in campaigning against climate change. They have organised a series of climate caravans to take the message out to large numbers of people both across Bangladesh itself and more widely to other parts of Asia. 

And like comrades in the Philippines, a central part of that work is the promotion of food sovereignty as a sustainable alternative to agribusiness - hence their relationship with Via Campesina.

They were also involved in work around the Rana Plazza disaster - many of the super-exploited women workers in Dhaka are climate refugees forced to leave the rural villages from which they come by rising sea levels and salinification. 

This meeting in Oxford organised by Oxford Socialist Resistance is part of a tour that Badrul will be doing across Britain in the first two weeks of March. For further information see their website or call on 07791738577 or 01865-249001

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