Professor Craig Jeffrey and Dr Jane Dyson, Working Papers

Professor Craig Jeffrey and Dr. Jane Dyson are based at the School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford University. They work on questions around youth and social change in modern India. The three working papers here, one sole authored by Craig and two joint papers, examine different aspects of social transformation with particular reference to young people aged 18-30. The papers show how youth can provide a lens through which to think about many of the key changes affecting modern India.

India in the Eyes of Others: World Perspectives on India’s Global Role

India in the Eyes of Others aims to explore vantage points from around the world on a rising India. This project will draw together scholarly readings of how India is understood and imagined from different country perspectives, and through the prism of a number of globally significant issues. This first edited volume in the project will focus on official, governmental perspectives of India.

Workshops and Conferences

South Asian Research Publications

Today research on Contemporary India is thriving within the University, with specialists across the Social Sciences Division.The Contemporary South Asian Studies Programmes WORK IN PROGRESS series is published on the internet with the aim of eliciting comments on and scholarly interaction about the ongoing work of the Programme.