Project Aims

India in the Eyes of Others aims to explore vantage points from around the world on a rising India. This project will draw together scholarly readings of how India is understood and imagined from different country perspectives, and through the prism of a number of globally significant issues and processes, including climate change, world trade negotiations, and nuclear politics. The project has two central purposes. First, to offer greater diversity in contemporary readings of India’s global role by exploring alternatives to dominant Anglo-American viewpoints. Second, to explore the extent to which external perceptions of India match India’s emerging global self-image.

The individual chapters will produce readings of India’s contemporary global role from the perspective(s) of a given country or countries and through the prism of a salient global issue or process. Each ‘reading’ will predominantly centre on an official, state-level perspective. The central aim of each chapter is to generate a sense of how India is imagined and understood ‘elsewhere’.

The proposed volume is new because it will generate knowledge from around the world on how India is viewed by important stakeholders – no comparable publications exist to date.

It is policy relevant because it will serve as a well-researched, reliable guide for Indian policy makers and business communities to assess India’s standing in different countries, regions and issue-areas.

The project is innovative because it will unite some of the world’s leading Area Studies scholars to share wide-ranging research and insights from around the world on an important global actor.