Professor David Gellner - The (Micro) Politics of Democratisation (Midea) European - South Asian Exchanges on Governance, Conflict and Civic Action

Summary:This project aims to train scholars and develop academic cooperation between EU and South Asian countries in order to grasp the dynamics and problems of democratisation and governance in Asia. By combining interdisciplinary academic expertise, this network will enlarge the knowledge base on the processes both enhancing and affecting social, economic and political development, on public policy goals as well as on conflict and conflict resolution. Methodologically there will be a particular focus upon micro processes to be grasped in the context of national, regional and global reconfigurations. Through academic exchange, workshops and interfacing with non-academic actors, it is planned to establish and to train a team of scholars from European and South Asian Universities who will be able to expand the academic expertise and to make it available to practitioners, especially in order to strengthen the EU-potentials to cooperate with Asian partners.


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