Objectives of the CSASP Visiting Fellowship Programme

Areas of Research

The Contemporary South Asia Studies Programme (CSASP) welcomes suitably qualified academics and other practitioners such as journalists and civil servants from South Asia and elsewhere who wish to contribute to the research and activities of our centre. The research focus of CSASP falls into various broad academic disciplines

  • Anthropology and Culture
  • Development Studies
  • Economics
  • Human Development and Poverty
  • Politics
  • Environment
  • International Relations and Security
  • Political Economy

The centre has a particular interest in unifying themes across these disciplines, these include the ‘dark side of India shining’, the informal economy, and comparative research across South Asia.

Your research should fall within one of the broad areas defined above.

Please note that CSASP does not accept visitors whose research is in linguistics, literature, law or history, as those disciplines are not taught within our centre.  

Please note, the programme is intended to give academic visitors the time, space and access to research materials to work on an independent study project.  Visitors will have the will at their own initiative be able to meet people and participate in a wider research/ learning environment but this will not generally be facilitated by CSASP. 

Visitor stays should be planned to coincide with a minimum of one or more Oxford terms, in order to take advantage of opportunities to interact with research staff and students and to attend events in CSASP.  The three University terms are as follows:

  • Michaelmas (Autumn/Fall): October-December
  • Hilary (Spring): January-March
  • Trinity (Summer): April-June

You can check the exact dates by searching for dates of term on the main University website. Between June and September there is very little activity within CSASP and wider University due to exams. The minimum stay for visitors is one month, and the maximum is one year.  For doctoral students the maximum period of affiliation is one term (3 months).

Please note that we receive many more applications than we are able to accept, and it is best to apply at least six month in advance of the date you wish to start in Oxford.

What We Expect of You
We ask all our visitors to agree to the following:

  • To pursue an independent research project.
  • To be aware of the research materials/ libraries/ archives of Oxford University in advance of your visit and to initiate your own efforts to secure access to those relevant for your research http://www.ox.ac.uk/research/index.html
  • To participate in the weekly Contemporary South Asia Seminar series.
  • To be aware of and attend any workshops or conferences as appropriate to your area of research.
  • To provide a short profile about your research activity that may be added to the CSASP website.

What You can Expect from Us
CSASP is able to provide the following:

  • A university card, which gives access to the Bodleian Libraries of the University, including online journals.
  • The sponsorship of an academic member of Department, who will meet with you when you arrive and provide (very limited) guidance and feedback on your work.
  • Very occasional advice and introductions to help you attend workshops, conferences and seminars in Oxford.

CSASP is not able to provide assistance with any local logistics such as accommodation, schools, and travel bookings. We ask that you do not request these services from our administrative staff, but instead refer to the guidance which you will receive.

CSASP is unable to offer any financial support towards the costs of Visiting Fellowships.

CSASP may be able to provide office space for an extra charge, this will be made clear when and if your application is approved.

The Role of the Academic Host/Sponsor
As an academic visitor you are expected to work independently and be responsible for your own research activities whilst in Oxford. Your academic host/sponsor is there for the following:

  • To sign your official letter of invitation and visa letter (if appropriate)
  • To introduce you to CSASP, relevant academic colleagues, and suggest activities/events in which you may wish to participate.
  • To provide occasional and limited comments on your research work, depending on the time and availability of the host/sponsor themselves.

Academic terms in Oxford are only eight weeks long and extremely intensive! For that reason, your academic host/sponsor is unlikely to be able to meet with you on a regular basis.