Elections in Pakistan: Implications for the Country and the World

Thursday, 13 June, 2013 - 17:00
Morris Room, Oxford Union, Frewin Court, Oxford, OX1 3JB.

Open and free for all, the session will discuss the recently concluded elections in Pakistan that mark the first ever democratic transition in the country and saw the return to power of the Nawaz Sharif led PML (N) after 14 years of being over thrown in a military coup.

India in the Eyes of Others: World Perspectives on India’s Global Role

India in the Eyes of Others aims to explore vantage points from around the world on a rising India. This project will draw together scholarly readings of how India is understood and imagined from different country perspectives, and through the prism of a number of globally significant issues. This first edited volume in the project will focus on official, governmental perspectives of India.

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