India in the Eyes of Others: World Perspectives on India’s Global Role

India in the Eyes of Others aims to explore vantage points from around the world on a rising India. This project will draw together scholarly readings of how India is understood and imagined from different country perspectives, and through the prism of a number of globally significant issues. This first edited volume in the project will focus on official, governmental perspectives of India.

Workshops and Conferences

India in the Eyes of Others - World Perspectives on India’s Global Role

Thursday, 16 May, 2013 - 09:00
Queen Elizabeth House, Seminar Room 1

Please join the Department of International Development and the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme for their annual South Asia Day.
This event is generously funded by a grant from the Faculty of Oriental Studies.
The full programme for the event can be found below.

Dr Alfred Gathorne-Hardy

Dr. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy

I joined SIAS in October 2011, where I was a researcher on the ESRC/DfID funded project: ‘The Materiality of Rice’, led by Professor Barbara Harriss-White.  I am now a Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College, and convene and lecture the geography MSc elective, Global Environmental Change and Food Security.

Both food and a healthy environment are essential for human existence.  Food production at the scale required to feed the present population inevitably damages the environment.   This damage is at such a scale to seriously threaten human existence.


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