Hindi ‘in situ’: An introduction to Hindi for fieldworkers and researchers

Hindi ‘in situ’ aims to develop among students a basic ability to read, write, speak and understand Hindi as it is used in everyday life in India: to read shop signs and the destination on the front of a bus; to strike up conversation with a fellow traveller, order a meal, buy provisions in a shop or rent a room. Hindi ‘in situ’ will both facilitate fieldwork and provide a solid foundation for developing further language skills independently once in the field.

The course will meet the needs of graduate students and researchers who have no, or very little, prior knowledge of Hindi and wish to develop basic Hindi literacy and conversation skills. The course format is one of limited contact hours (2 hours per week) with only a modest commitment required outside of classes (2-3 hours of homework per week). The Faculty of Oriental Studies offers a more intensive one-year elementary Hindi Course (for more information, visit the website).

Hindi ‘in situ’ offers 16 weeks of teaching across two terms, to a total of 32 contact hours. This breaks down as 2 hours of teaching per week in weeks 1-8 of Michaelmas and Hilary terms, including 4 hours spent learning the Devanagri script in weeks 1-4 of Michaelmas term.

The classes will run from week 1 of Michaelmas term (Monday, 13 October 2014) on Mondays from 12.00-2pm in the 1st Floor Seminar Room, 11 Bevington Road. 

Please note that this course will not be available in 2015-16.