Health reforms, equity and access to health care in selected states of India


Wed, 28/01/2015 - 17:00
The Committee Room, Wolfson College


Dr Kate Sullivan


Dr Kasturi Sen (Wolfson CRM and member of SARC)

South Asia Work in Progress (SAWIP), Roundtable for Scholars of South Asia, presents:

Health reforms, equity and access to health care in selected states of India: Findings of empirical research into health financing measures in India (1991-2008)


In India, the role of the state has been essential to public health and disease eradication programmes. Evidence from the past three decades shows that this function altered radically in the face of multiple political and economic pressures including donor-driven structural adjustment, disinvestment in public services and widespread commercialisation that has led to fundamental changes in the financing of health care. These have been explored in a major population based study using mixed methods and covering both public and private sectors providers in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu  and Andhra Pradesh state (now Telengana and Hyderabad). The findings of the study are set in the current policy context of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) particularly in relation to the financing of health care and its consequences for access to public health care among large sections of the population.

Dr Kasturi Sen is a social and political scientist with more than 15 years of experience of research and teaching on the political economy of health and development. She has taught at London, Oxford and Cambridge universities and more recently at ITM, Antwerp, Belgium on health systems and policy, ageing, demographic change and mixed methods in international health research. Dr Sen has been involved in primary research in South Asia and the Middle-East on the impact of health reforms on equity and access to health care in low and middle-income countries, and also on the health effects of conflict.


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