The Dilemma for Rural India: Urbanisation or Village Prosperity?


Wed, 13/11/2013 -
11:00 to 17:00
Wolfson College, University of Oxford


Prof. Bob Rowthorne, Emeritus Professor of Economics (Cambridge University), Prof. James Copestake, Professor of International Development (University of Bath)

Join us to examine india's vision for her rural poor and whether urbanisation is the only route out of poverty for India's 800 million villagers. India has reached a historic fork in the road towards the social balance that will serve her people best: she can either drift into the socio-economic model of urban/rural balance which 'developed' countries have typically followed during the past century, or she can grasp this chance to lead on a 'third way' between the market and Mao.

Two contrasting models of development will be debated – massive unplanned urbanisation versus decentralised rural development. Panel sessions will then look at key issues and international and historical case studies associated with both models, and finally, explore solutions to urban and rural poverty and the respective roles of government, business and NGOs.

Panellists include Jens Lerche (SOAS) on the agrarian crisis and George Kunnath (University of Oxford) on the Maoists.

An overview from a UK or Indian Government minister to be announced shortly.


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