CSASP Visiting Fellowship Programme: How to Apply

Application Procedure

If you would like to apply to be a visitor, please email the following to our Administrator using south.asia@area.ox.ac.uk

  • Your CV
  • A proposal of the research you intend to carry out in Oxford
  • Two academic references
  • The dates you intend to be in Oxford (n.b. it is best to apply well in advance) 

In order for visitors to be considered a member of academic staff at CSASP must agree to act as an academic mentor.  It is therefore essential that prospective visitors establish contact with a member of academic staff.  Our staff profiles may be found on our website.

Once we have received the four items above, your application will be considered by the CSASP committee. We will endeavour to let you know the outcome of your application within one month, however please bear in mind that we receive many enquiries, and not all visitor applications are accepted. For this reason it is best to apply well in advance.

If your application is approved, you will be asked to confirm the following:

  • The exact dates of your visit.
  • If you hold an EU passport. If not, you will need to check if you require a visa.
  • Your home institution and postal address for correspondence.
  • You accept to pay the affiliation fee.

Thereafter, we will issue you with a formal letter of invitation signed by your academic host/sponsor and a letter to support your visa application, if appropriate.

Affiliation Fee and Charges for Office Space

CSASP charge Visiting Fellows a basic establishment fee of £1200 per calendar year or pro rata.

There may be the opportunity to take desk space for £400 per month.

In addition we estimate that a Visiting Fellow would need approximately £1200 per month for modest living expenses.


Accommodation in Oxford isn’t like it is in many South Asian institutions which have their own hostels for visitors. Finding accommodation for a short stay in Oxford (less than 6 months) can be difficult and the rental markets mean it is rarely cheap.It is essential that you start looking for accommodation as soon as you know that you will be coming to Oxford. Although a relatively small city, there are several different localities within Oxford, each with their own unique character. The South Asian Studies Programme is located in North Oxford, between St Giles, Jericho and Summertown. The areas closest to the HQ at 12 Bevington Rd are the most expensive! Do not discount those areas that are slightly further (e.g. Marston, Headington, Iffley Road, Cowley Road, Abingdon Road, Botley Road)  –prices there can be significantly lower.

Great places to start looking for accommodation are

1. Commonwealth House http://www.staldates.org.uk/content.asp?pageRef=327

2. the North Oxford Overseas Centre http://www.nooc.org.uk/

3. information in the Daily Info http://www.dailyinfo.co.uk/

4. If you have a prior connection with a member of an Oxford college, college accommodation may sometimes be available.

Oxford is blessed with excellent public transport, and there are many  buses connecting the city to the outlying areas. In addition, Oxford is an excellent city for cycling, and provided that you are happy to cycle on the left-hand side of the road, you can travel quickly from one part of the city to another.


UK immigration law is changing constantly. As soon as your visit is confirmed, we advise you to check with the UK visa application centre in your country. Please read through the information available on the website of the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

You must check all the immigration requirements and restrictions well in advance, and make sure that you know under what status you will enter the UK. The type of visa you need will depend on the duration of your stay in the UK and your nationality.

Plan ahead, and make sure that you have copies of all the relevant paperwork with you on arrival in the UK, including the formal letter of invitation issued by CSASP.

Applications should be sent in the first instance to:

Programme Administrator

Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme

School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies

12 Bevington Road

Oxford OX2 6LH

Tel: +44 (1865) 284852

Fax: +4 (1865) 284992

E-mail: south.asia@area.ox.ac.uk