Working titles:

Introduction: Creating Diversity in Readings of India’s Global Role - Kate Sullivan

1. Indian Self-conceptions of a Global Role - Kate Sullivan

2. Status and Security: Chinese Views of a Nuclear India from the 1998 Tests to the 2008 NSG Waiver - Nicola Horsburgh

3. India in Climate Change: The View from Tokyo - Yuka Kobayashi

4. Just another Regional Superpower? South Korean Reactions to the Rise of India - Danielle Chubb

5. Partners and Adversaries: South African Views of India During and After the Cold War - Christopher J. Lee

6. What does 'Development Cooperation' mean? Perceptions from Africa and India - Dave Harris and Simona Vittorini

7. The Eastern Brother: Brazil’s View of India as a Diplomatic Partner in World Trade - Vinícius Rodrigues Vieira

8. ‘The Other Pacifist’: Mexican Views on India’s Quest for Great Power Status - Gilberto Estrada Harris

9. India in the Iranian Imagination: Beyond the America Factor - Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

10. Views of India from the Conflicting Parties in Syria - Omar Sharaf

11. Russian Views of India in the Context of Afghanistan - Natasha Kuhrt

12. Comparing Central European and EU Perceptions of India – What Kind of Power? - Jakub Zajączkowski

Conclusion: World Politics in the Eyes of Others - Kate Sullivan