Bringing Perspectives from Pakistan into the Study of Contemporary India

Col Zulfiqar Ali Bhatty

On Monday, 7 March, students of the MSc in Contemporary India engaged in vibrant discussion with Colonel Zulfiqar Ali Bhatty, Army and Air Advisor to the Pakistan High Commission in London. The session was held at Wolfson College and led by CSASP’s Dr Kate Sullivan, who drew the group’s attention to a number of common ‘assumptions about Pakistan’ that students regularly encounter in the scholarly literature that accompanies her lecture series on India’s international relations. In response, Colonel Bhatty offered nuanced insights and a range of Pakistani perspectives on questions of domestic, regional and global significance. The Colonel also offered fascinating insights into the origins of his personal commitment to public engagement and his motivations for engaging with students and other groups during his posting in the UK. Held under Chatham House rules, the open discussion between all participants was testimony to the success of the Colonel’s endeavours, and offered both students and staff on the MSc in Contemporary India new lenses through which to understand Pakistan, India and the region.  

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